Is this you?

  • You're passionate about supporting your patients' mental health.

  • You love working with teens even though they can be a biiiit tricky.

  • But sometimes you feel just a little awkward, unsure, or like something is missing when working with an LGBTQ2SIA+ teen?

Most mental health training leaves out key considerations for LGBTQ2SIA+ patients.

Leaving practitioners unequipped to treat the teens who need us the most.

That's why we created
LGBTQ+ Teen Mental Health

A micro-course to supplement general teen mental health training.

Learn why LGBTQ2SIA+ teen mental health is different from other teens, what you should be screening for, and how to effectively support your LGBTQ2SIA+ teen patients - down to the root of the problem.

All in 16 minutes.

This micro course is for you if:

  • You’re a naturopathic doctor, family doctor, nurse practitioner, or other health & wellness practitioner who sees teen mental health concerns in your practice.

  • You have at least some pre-existing training on teen mental health.

  • You’re ready to start providing better support to your LGBTQ2SIA+ patients - even the ones you aren't out to you yet.

Meet your instructor

Dr Arlie Millyard ND

Arlie Millyard, ND (she/her)

Arlie went into naturopathic medicine intending to create the queer-positive clinic that she and her friends and loved ones would love. When she got to naturopathic college and found the curriculum sorely lacking, she realized she could make a bigger impact by teaching other wellness professionals how to create inclusive spaces.

Her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and psychology instilled a love for scientific research and a fascination with the way our mental and physical health are one and the same. Arlie is a queer femme and lives with her spouse and their tiny black cat in Toronto.

Don't miss your next opportunity to support a teen who really needs you.