Do you struggle with reaching or retaining LGBTQ2SIA+ clients and you aren’t sure why?

Want to stop feeling like you have all the right intentions but not all the terms, concepts, and strategies to making your practice more inclusive and inviting to LGBTQ2SIA+ clients?

Are you unsure whether the experiences of your LGBTQ2SIA+ friends or your own experiences are complete enough to guide your plans for an inclusive practice?

Are you ready to learn how to make sure everyone feels welcome in your space?
Woman Posing with a Rainbow Flag

Isn't it about time you started confidently working with the local LGBTQ2SIA+ community you support so enthusiastically?

If you:

  • Are a naturopathic doctor or other wellness practitioner in any niche.

  • Value equity, diversity, and inclusion, and haven’t yet figured out how to enact these values into practice.

  • Have tried to build an inclusive practice but often aren’t sure where to start.

  • Get a little nervous whenever you get an LGBTQ2SIA+ client…what if you mess up and offend them?

  • Have been gathering bits of information here and there about LGBTQ2SIA+ inclusion, but you’re struggling to put it all together in practice.

  • Are ready to start examining your bias, learning about LGBTQ2SIA+ identity, and applying what you’ve learned to your work...

Then Foundations of LGBTQ2SIA+ inclusive wellness is for you!

Being LGBTQ2SIA+ or an ally isn’t enough to be a LGBTQ2SIA+ supportive practitioner.

Here’s why.

  • Anti-LGBTQ2SIA+ bias was built into our naturopathic medical curriculum. It takes specialized training to unlearn that.

  • The systems and spaces we work within have bias too! It takes intentional work to mitigate that.

  • Being inclusive is a skill and practice, not a value or personality trait. It requires continual action.

That's where
Foundations of LGBTQ2SIA+ inclusive wellness
comes in.

The only course for wellness practitioners that explores the five key elements of LGBTQ2SIA+ inclusion in a naturopathic practice, so that you can build a well-rounded inclusive practice.

What you'll get:

  • Self-paced videos

    Take the 2 hours of interactive video content at your own pace, learning, understanding, and applying as you go. Finish feeling confident and ready to welcome your LGBTQ2SIA+ community members into your practice.

  • Downloadable resources

    Get access to three reference sheets to take what you learned into your day-to-day practice, leaving behind the graveyard of CE PowerPoints you'll never open again.

  • CE credits

    Nab two CONO Category A Credits or CNPBC Category G (Ethics, Professionalism & Cultural Safety) Credits by finishing the quiz at the end of the course.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction & defining LGBTQ2SIA+

    • Key concepts

  • 2

    Sex, gender & sexual orientation health inequities

    • Bias in healthcare

    • LGBTQ2SIA+ health inequities

  • 3

    Ethics & jurisprudence

    • Legal responsibilities

    • Ethical guidance

  • 4

    Applications to clinical practice

    • Accessible spaces & inclusive systems

    • All-gender washroom guide

    • Clinical knowledge & skills

    • Linguistic skills

    • Neutralizing clinical language

  • 5

    Cases & Next Steps

    • Cases & Next Steps

    • Practice audit checklist

    • Additional resources

  • 6

    Review quiz for CE credits

    • Quiz

Meet your instructor

Dr Arlie Millyard ND

Arlie Millyard, ND (she/her)

Arlie went into naturopathic medicine intending to create the queer-positive clinic that she and her friends and loved ones would love. When she got to naturopathic college and found the curriculum sorely lacking, she realized she could make a bigger impact by teaching other wellness professionals how to create inclusive spaces.

Her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and psychology instilled a love for scientific research and a fascination with the way our mental and physical health are one and the same. Arlie is a queer femme and lives with her spouse and their tiny black cat in Toronto.


  • I’m already familiar with LGBTQ2SIA+ issues, will this course be too basic for me?

    We called this course “Foundations” for a reason - no matter if you have been working with LBTQ2SIA+ patients for a while, have people close to you who are LGBTQ2SIA+, or are yourself LGBTQ2SIA+, this course creates a solid foundation to build on. It can be tempting to jump ahead, but all of our more advanced courses rely on having a solid foundation, so no matter where your experience currently sits, you will be surprised to find new ways of conceptualizing key concepts, and details you may not have considered in this course.

  • Is this the same introductory course you used to offer, with a new name?

    Good catch! This is a brand new course, and if you’ve been thinking about taking Queering naturopathic medicine (which is now retired), you will LOVE this one. This field moves fast, and it’s important to us that you always have the most-up-to-date information and terminology.

  • My regulatory body doesn’t accept CONO CE credits - will you be getting other approvals?

    Yes, we’re very open to applying for CE approval in other jurisdictions, and are in the process of getting approval for CNPBC and OBNM. If that doesn’t cut it, pop us an email letting us know where you practice and we’ll see about getting approval there too. You can still enroll now, and wait to complete your quiz until credits are approved.


5 star rating

Very helpful

Dr. Anne Hussain, ND

This course is well laid out and informative. Love the resources and examples provided.

This course is well laid out and informative. Love the resources and examples provided.

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5 star rating

Should be part of core competencies as a ND

Kim Abog

This was a great course to immerse in how to improve healthcare overall. Thank you for the thoughtful content.

This was a great course to immerse in how to improve healthcare overall. Thank you for the thoughtful content.

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Don't miss out on another 🏳‍🌈 patient out of fear that you might mess up.

Your community's LGBTQ2SIA+ members need you.